☁ 13x Cloud Certified DevOps Engineer with 3.5+ years of professional experience.

I possess extensive hands-on experience in DevOps engineering, Amazon Web Services, and Linux server administration with valuable experience as a Full Stack Developer. I also have 2.5 years of unprofessional experience in which I have deployed 16+ freelancing and personal projects using several technologies stacks.

I started this website to jot down everything I learn in an organized way. My goal is to create a delightful corner of the web free of sponsored content, ads, affiliates, pop-ups, and the rest of the annoying noise from the Internet.


13x Cloud Certified | 4x Oracle | 4x Alibaba | 3x Microsoft Azure | 3x Udacity Scholar | 2x AWS | AviatrixACE, ICSI Certified | Linux | Automation Ninja | Securing World 🛡🌎

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While actively contributing to the field as a speaker and writer, I'm also actively developing innovative products with an ardently focused design. I'm a highly passionate individual who's been into zeros and ones from the age of 10 and loves to work on Cloud & Automation.

I'm design-centric, collaborate effectively & always super excited to learn new things. Apart from being a relentless and curious learner, I'm also a nature-lover. Travelling and photography are few of my hobbies.

I also maintain a Quora Space for 20K+ cloud enthusiasts: ☁️ Everything AWS Cloud

Work Experience

1) DevOps Engineer - Astek Canada

Duration: June 2022 - Present

2) Site Reliability Engineer - Univeris, Canada

Duration: April 2021 - April 2022 | 1 year
  • Automate in-house development tasks and create scripts to automate business workflows.
  • Manage monitoring, alerting and dashboards using New Relic for production environments.
  • Document processes to maintain software development lifecycle.
  • Troubleshoot issues, research, and implement solutions on production systems.
  • Create smoke testing scripts to automate testing for highly reliable environments.
  • Fix support escalation production issues.

3) DevOps Engineer - Peerbits Pvt Ltd, India

Duration: April 2019 - December 2020 | 1.9 years
  • Demonstrated excellence in delivering 60+ enterprise projects and 100+ CI/CD pipelines with proven auto-scaling to 1 million users.
  • Led team to design, automate & create highly available, reliable & scalable environments on Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Microsoft Azure.
  • Have successfully implemented microservice architecture from multiple monolithic applications.
  • Have successfully implemented CI/CD code culture via automated pipelines.
  • Cost Optimization: Reduced monthly cost by using the latest industry standards and practices.
  • Have worked on configuration and deployment on ELK Stack, Apache Kafka, VerneMQ, and RabbitMQ.
  • Created a highly available MongoDB cluster with replication support.
  • Created documentation and logical architecture diagrams.
  • Have successfully configured and deployed in production-grade AWS services like EC2, Auto Scaling, S3, IAM, ELB, EBS, Lambda, Route53, VPC, DynamoDB, and CloudWatch.
  • Got promoted twice in the same year for outstanding performance.
  • Got honoured and titled as 'Man of Automation.'

4) Full Stack Engineer - OpenXcell Pvt Ltd, India

Duration: Aug 2018 – Mar 2019 | 8 months
  • I have acquired valuable experience in development by implementing ReactJS, MySQL, HTML5/CSS3 stacks in 5+ enterprise projects.

5) Freelancing & Personal Projects

Duration: Jan 2016 - Aug 2018 | 2.5 years
  • While pursuing my Bachelor's in Information Technology, I did several freelancing projects and converted some ideas into reality.
  • I also learnt, implemented various technologies and have deployed 15+ projects.


1) Cloud Computing for Big Data - Post-Graduation, Lambton College, Toronto, Canada

🏆 Academic Term Award: Dean's Honour List

Duration: 2020 - 2022 (3.68/4 GPA)
  • I pursued post-graduation to gain and expand valuable knowledge and expertise in the cloud computing field.

2) Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, LDRP Institute of Technology, India

Duration: 2015 - 2019 (7.3/10 CGPA, First Class)
  • I completed my Bachelors with good grades while working full-time gaining valuable professional experience.

3) Udacity | AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree

Duration: 2020 - 2021
  • The 3-months degree with 3 real-world projects, 100+ lessons, and 100+ hours of intense learning helped me plan, design, and build highly available and secure cloud infrastructure.

4) Udacity | Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree

Duration: 2019 - 2020
  • I passed all the projects on the 1st attempt.
  • After 5+ Projects, 200+ Lessons, 16h/weekend & around 220+ hours of intense learning with some struggle, I've successfully graduated from Udacity's Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree!

Core Focus

  • DevOps engineering
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Cloud Automation & Cloud Security
  • Infrastructure as a Code
  • CI/CD/CT
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Linux System Administration
  • Alerting, Monitoring & Logging


A) DevOps

  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • AWS: EC2, VPC, S3, Lambda, IAM, EBS, ELB, ECS, ECR, SNS, SES, SQS, RDS, ElastiCache, CloudFront, CloudFormation, Route53, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CloudTrail, Secrets Manager, and X-Ray
  • Azure: Azure DevOps Pipeline, Virtual Machines, Container Instances, Azure Functions
  • Containerization: Kubernetes, Docker Products, Portainer
  • CI/CD/CT: GitHub Actions, Jenkins, GitLab, AWS CodePipeline, Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Redis, Aerospike, MemSQL
  • Languages: Shell Scripting, Python (Beginner), Batch, PowerShell
  • IaC: AWS Cloudformation, Terraform, Ansible
  • Logging & Monitoring: AWS CloudWatch, ELK Stack, Netdata, Nagios, Datadog, New Relic, Grafana, Prometheus
  • OS: Debian, CentOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu
  • Concepts: Automation first, CI/CD/CT, Agile
  • Big Data: Apache Kafka, Zookeeper, Burrow
  • Misc: VerneMQ, Socket.io, Jira, Slack, Confluence, Git, pm2

B) Development

  • Frameworks/Libraries: ReactJS (Beginner), Gatsby.js, WordPress
  • Testing: Apache JMeter, Sanity Scripts (Bash), Chrome DevTools, New Relic Synthetics

Key Skills

  • Hands-on experience with various AWS services like EC2, VPC, S3, IAM, ELB, Lambda, Route53, and many more
  • Production-grade level experience with Docker, Kubernetes, ECS & EKS
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with CloudFormation & Terraform
  • Experience in Logging Infrastructure with ELK Stack & Datadog
  • Strong background in Linux System Administration
  • Experience of Logging Infrastructure stacks like EFK at scale and Datadog SAAS
  • Proficient at creating scripts to automate repeated tasks less


  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  2. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  3. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
  4. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals
  5. Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals
  6. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Certified Associate
  7. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Certified Specialist
  8. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Cloud Operations Certified Associate
  9. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer 2020 Certified Associate
  10. Gremlin Certified Chaos Engineering Practitioner (GCCEP)
  11. Alibaba Cloud Associate - Cloud Computing Certification
  12. Alibaba Cloud Associate - Cloud Security Certification
  13. Alibaba Cloud Associate - Big Data Certification
  14. Alibaba Cloud Associate - Cloud-Native Certification
  15. Google IT Support Professional Certificate
  16. Aviatrix Certified Engineer - Multi-Cloud Network Associate
  17. Udacity Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree
  18. Udacity AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree

Training & Courses

  • Diploma in Multilingual Computer Programming | Centre for Development of Advanced Computing | Cleared with A Grade
  • Entrepreneurship Training | Entrepreneurship Cell India
  • Ethical Hacking - Intermediate Level Training | TechDefence Pvt Ltd
  • Internet Security Awareness Training
  • Git Essential Training | LinkedIn
  • DevOps Essentials | LinkedIn



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