Priyank or should I say automation man. He finds making work automated a virtue and even implement it himself. Having sound knowledge of OS environment, he also has a good view of technology.

Yash Parihar

I've worked with priyank for a year and have great experience working with him. He is curious and passionate about his work and tries to automate everything, he is really hard working and dedicated too.

Karan Ponda

Priyank (aka man of automation). I've worked with Priyank for over a year now. One line to summarize him: He's a Pro DevOp. Even in the worst situation, he never lost his spirits and has shown results. His unique ability to work creatively and smartly keeps him at the edge of his competition. It's been a pleasure working with him.

Hardik Savaliya

Priyank did an exceptional job on recent projects. As I remember, Priyank was a very productive person and is a multi-skilled person with vast knowledge. He is customer-service oriented, careful, self motivated and intelligent team player. Thanks to interpersonal skills, he has great relations with both company clients and potential customers.

Heeren Darji

Priyank is a very dedicated team player and works diligently to achieve the goals set for him and his team. He ensures that all tasks are completed on time. He reduces the SaaS operations costs by automating manual tasks using scripting. He improves his technical skills required for his role by taking courses. Priyank monitors the SaaS environments continuously and is able to collaborate with his team members to resolve most issues. He communicates well with his peers and management. His team can count on him to come through in difficult situations. It is a pleasure to work with Priyank.

Sorin Selagea-Popov (Former manager)

I know Priyank very well and have worked with him closely for more than a year. He has an excellent knowledge of AWS, Cloud Automation, Security, and DevOps. He demonstrates exceptional performance, at par with someone who has twice the professional experience. He's always updated with the latest industry-standard tools & processes; and works with remarkable quality and accuracy. Priyank is a fast learner and an expert in examining a problem and solving it efficiently. Also, he is a specialist in IT Architect with core development experience, which makes him stand out from the rest. He most definitely shines in a fast-paced environment and will be successful in any enterprise he undertakes. He has my highest recommendation. It's been a pleasure working with him.

Mushahid Khatri (Former manager)

It is a rare opportunity where you get to work with people like him. He's an expert who is deeply passionate and super enthusiastic in his field. His mind always thinks about automating every task he repeatedly does. He spends most of his time upgrading his skill set as his thirst for knowledge never gets fulfilled. I'm sure about him, he's going to be a rockstar in his field and I wish him all the best. God speed!

Abhishek Savani

Priyank is like a robot with very fast grasping of any new technology and concepts! He has a Mind like a jet and Passion like a great person! He is like my childhood friend from whom I could learn everything new that I couldn't from myself. Keep this spirits forever and also make us a little part of it!

Bhavik Nagar

Priyank is a quick learner and a knowledgeable person in AI, Chatbots and in making several cool things.

Divyesh Bhanderi

I have worked with him for almost a year. He is tremendously good in understanding and implementing new DevOps tools in current environment smoothly.

Ronak Lakhatariya

Priyank, He's a unique person who is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate in his profession. He did a splendid job recently and made a developer's life easier by automating deployment, integration and testing by using various DevOps practices which saves a great deal of time. Almost every time I meet him, he always has a list of innovative things to do. He possesses an aspect, I call it curiosity to learn more and more, which makes him who he is. He can sit for long hours and can get the job done. I've gained a good amount of knowledge from him. It was a thrilling experience working with him. He's a PERFECT COMBO, I strongly recommend this individual.

Naim Malek

Source of Testimonials: LinkedIn Recommendations