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Udacity Project 1 - AWS CloudFormation

Design High Availability, Resilience and Reliability Architecture on AWS

Udacity Project 2 - AWS Architecture

AWS Architecture for 50,000 single-region users

Udacity Project 3 - AWS CloudFormation

Deploy High Availability Web App using CloudFormation

Udacity Project 4 - Jenkins CI/CD

Design and create production-grade Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline on AWS

Udacity Project 5 - AWS Lambda

Design and operationalize a Machine Learning Microservice API

Udacity Project 6 - Jenkins CI/CD with Kubernetes

Create CloudFormation stack to deploy K8s cluster via Jenkins

Fast Video Downloader

Ad-free Free Video Downloader

Personal Website v1

Minimalist Inspired Portfolio

Gajanan Brass Products

A Portfolio Website created for Gajanan Brass Products Pvt Ltd.

📢 Best Offers

Completely Automated Offer & Deals Delivery Channel.

XDA Developers

A completely automated Telegram Channel for Instant updates (Supports Instant Articles)


Created Admin Portal in ReactJS

Resume Generator

Instantly Generate Your Resume under 5 minutes.

Sense-of-humour Quiz

My first Javascript based Quiz on Sense of humour

Git Auto Deployer

Deploy Code Like a Pro! Automate your Code Delivery!