Continuous Everything - Almost everything in DevOps is Continuous

Almost everything in DevOps is Continuous. 🎯

Continuous Everything: From testing the integrity of the code, automatically deploying it, and keeping up with the latest DevOps tools and technologies, everything in DevOps is continuous.

a. Continuous Integration: It is a practice of consistently merging the developer's code changes into the central repository (often the main branch) using pull requests, after which automated builds and tests are run to ensure the integrity of the code.

b. Continuous Testing: It is used to execute automated tests in the DevOps pipeline to create a feedback loop of the issues, rapidly minimize business risks and deployment to the production environment.

c. Continuous Delivery / Deployment: It is used to perform automated testing on new builds to verify the integrity of the production release. It is also used to automate the provisioning and configuration of test and prod environments. Continuous Delivery includes a manual approval, whereas Continuous Deployment has automated deployment when the code testing is passing.

d. Continuous Feedback: Continuous Feedback is vital for any organization as a feedback loop is created to improve the overall product using the analytics metrics from the operation and monitoring stage. Further, that feedback can optimize and improve the product's reliability.

e. Continuous Learning: To commit, gain knowledge and continuously improve DevOps practices while keeping up with the latest industry standards and best practices and implementing them. Continuous learning is essential for continuous improvement in DevOps.

Continuous Everything - DevOps

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