AWS Architecture for 50,000 single-region users

I have created a highly available, scalable and resilient AWS architecture for a social media application with 50,000 single-region users.

AWS Architecture for 50,000 single-region users

It is a part of my 2nd project in Udacity AWS Cloud Architect nanodegree.

⭐ Features and functionality:

  • 2 Availability Zones
  • VPC with Public and Private Subnets
  • NAT Gateway for Private Subnets
  • CloudFront CDN hosted with an S3 bucket
  • Database: Master in AZ1 + Read replica in AZ2
  • Web and Application servers - Load-balanced and using auto-scaling

Edit: Here, the Web Server serves a static front-end build, thus keeping it in a public subnet, and the Application servers and Databases are in private subnets for adding a layer of security.

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